Apparently, Editors Are ALSO a “Superstitious & Cowardly Lot”


Almost any comic book fan will recognize the part of the headline that is within quotes. It’s derived from the origin of Batman, as written by Bob Kane himself, in Detective Comics #27.


A few hours ago, I came across a batch of tweets about Gail Simone, writer of DC’s current Batgirl series. Prior to the birth of the DC New 52, she had critically acclaimed runs on Secret Six and Birds of Prey – also featuring Barbara Gordon (though as her then paraplegic information wizard of the DC Universe, Oracle). Many criticized the fact that DC Editorial decided to change her history (along with the REST of the post – Flashback DCU) with her paralysis cured.  Ms. Simone successfully addressed that situation in a number of interviews, among them with Newsarama.

Getting back to the matter at hand – the tweets.

There were a batch of tweets in my timeline, paying tribute & displaying disbelief about Ms. Simone. Concerned, I scrolled down a bit, only to find HER tweet of:

“On Wednesday of last week, new Batgirl editor Brian Cunningham informed me by email that I was no longer the writer of Batgirl.”


Even the seeming discourtesy of a phone call would at least be more human and personal. It means connecting with the person you;re about to dismiss. An E-mail? Extremely cold and impersonal, and – in my opinion – VERY cowardly. The fact that this is a new Bat-family of books editor made my choice of headline very appropriate.

This just confuses the Hell out of me, as I tweeted earlier, because I thought they were having problems with some creators just giving up and taking their ball home and the switching around of creators playing musical titles. But to actually dismiss a critically acclaimed writer from a critically acclaimed book, that had consistent top 40 sales? More proof of my ‘DC Implosion V2’ comment on Twitter a few months back. This is insanity. Seriously.

Ms Simone? I salute you and wish to state once more, how much I’ve enjoyed your Batgirl, despite my initial reservations at the whole of the New 52.

Mr. Cunningham? Shame on you. If you couldn’t tell her in person, you should have at least called her on the phone, or Skyped her, so there’d be some form of human contact.

And to the Tweeter who condemned others for calling Mr. Cunningham ‘heartless & classless’ and then said that Ms. Simone (WITHOUT naming her) ‘should get over it and find other work’, like you did when someone broke up with you in an e-mail, that was JUST as classless. Before you think I’m not naming you due to MY being cowardly, I’m doing it merely as a courtesy so as to not aim angry tweets  in your direction. You’re welcome.


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