Et Tu, G4??

Nerds, Geeks, Fanboys! Lend me your Headsets.

We’ve been abandoned once more.

Yet again, the Geeks of America have lost a place to watch our kind of programming.

Years ago, MSNBC was actually part news & part tech programs. The ‘MS’ in their name actually stood for Microsoft! There was even a virtual host for the shows! Then came the Columbine Killings, and tech programming was out the window in favor of an all-news format, stemming from their outstanding coverage.

A few years after that, The Science-Fiction Channel (or Sci-Fi Channel) changed managerial hands. Gone were the Irwin Allen shows (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Land of the Giants, Lost In Space & Time Tunnel), The Gerry Anderson shows (Space:1999, U.F.O. & the Supermarionation shows), Classic Dr. Who & Dark Shadows. One day, Phillip Alden Robinson’s FIELD OF DREAMS (1989) is aired. Not exactly Sci-Fi, bu I guess it counts as fantasy. The biggest plus was that we had a new place to watch MST3K, since Comedy Central had canceled it the previous year. Sadly, it didn’t last long.

Over the next few years, cheap, overly-hyped self-produced movies (there can only be so many Shark vs Alligator vs Octopus variations, REALLY) and scads of semi-reality shows became the rule, rather than the exception. Then we get some cool semi sci-fi series, which at the height of popularity in second or third seasons, get canceled. More & more, they started catering to an unknown audience, who seemed to have no attention span, seeking instant gratification. Then of course, the nonsensical change in name from Sci-Fi to ‘Syfy’.  Who was the genius that came up with THAT, anyway??

So then there was a tech channel that gave us info on computers & some gaming. It was called Tech TV. They offered how to’s and reviews of software, hardware and the latest fads and trends. After a few years, they underwent a name change to G4. It sort of still rang true, especially to Mac users, considering that Apple’s G4 series had been recently released at the time. They also added some shows aimed at more of a male audience, by adding episodes of COPS & American Ninja. They also started showing some great support of the gaming, comic book & pop culture fandoms, with their ATTACK OF THE SHOW TV show, as well as their X-PLAY show, aimed at video games of all platforms. They even went so far as to pioneer convention floor coverage of Industry conventions, E3 & COMIC CON

Cut to this past Friday, October 26,2012. It’s announced that AOS & XP are ending in December when G4 is re-purposed as a channel for ‘mature males’. Oh, you mean like SPIKE TV?

So where are we now? All we have is (ugh) Syfy? What’s going to happen THERE next? They already have a slew of reality shows, which we cannot seem to escape from no matter what channel. How long before the few true sci-fi shows are completely gone from there, too?

Considering how BIG BANG THEORY is the #1 TV Comedy you’d think that might tell people in high places that we deserve to have a place to watch our stuff too, and not just on YouTube.

We need a voice from out of the wilderness of the airwaves! We need a haven for our tech & pop culture needs! We need a channel to talk about comics, cartoons, collectables & computers.

Who will be our Chosen One?

Our Neo?

Our MuadDib?


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