DraComics – Neil Gaiman Returns To the Endless

So far, the biggest announcement out of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con is the news from DC that Neil Gaiman is returning to write a ‘lost tale’ of his seminal comics work, The Sandman. In 2013, there will be a mini-series (of undetermined length and title at this time) written by Gaimen and with art by J.H. Williams, who’s done such a beautiful job on Batwoman. It will be under the Vertigo imprint, and under Vertigo’s Executive Editor Karen Berger, who served as Gaiman’s editor when Sandman first came out.

The announcement came from Gaiman himself, via video, at Thursday’s Vertigo Panel at SDCC. His last Sandman story was the graphic novel Endless Nights, which was also the first comic to ever be included on The NY Times’ Bestseller List.  According to a DC press release, the story will be of what happened to Morpheus that made it so easy to capture him back in Sandman #1. DC said that Williams will continue to work on Batwoman while working on the mini-series.


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