Prince Sirki Summons a Shobijin

Sad news from Japan. Apparently Emi Ito, half of the musical pop duo The Peanuts (along with twin sister Yumi) has passed away. For those of you not familiar of the work of the Sisters Ito, you’d probably know them as the Shobijin,or the twin Fairies who sang Mothra’s song. The Peanuts were a hugely popular pop music duo in the 1960s when approached by Toho producer Tomoyuki Tanaka, to appear in movies. They played the Shobijin, the foot tall priestesses of Mothra’s home on Infant Island in Ishiro Honda’s MOTHRA (1961), GODZILLA VS THE THING (1964) and GHIDRAH, THE THREE HEADED MONSTER (1964). They also performed in the US, even appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show. The Ito sisters were born on April 1, 1941. They retired from performing in 1975.


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