Happy Ant-iversary, THEM!

Greetings Friends, Ye Olde Dragon here once again with a blast from Ye Olde Past!

It was 58 years ago today that Edmund Gwenn, James Arness & James Whitmore faced off against giant, carnivorous ants, mutated by the first nuclear test blasts at Alamogordo. Of course, I’m talking about THEM! (1954).

The effects are outstanding for the year 1954, and this is by far the BEST of the scads of giant insect movies in the 1950s. This has always been a favorite of mine. It was just a little over a year ago that THEM! was among the first movies that the Tweet-A-Long crews of the #DriveInMob and #TCMParty got together for fun when TCM ran old monster movies on Thursday nights in June, billed as Drive-In Double Features. Note to TCM – WE WANT IT BACK!!! Well, time to pop it into Ye Olde Player!


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