Prince Sirki Visits Hooterville, Closes General Store

Yesterday, veteran actor Frank Cady passed away at the age of 96. Though he will no doubt be best remembered as the proprietor of Hooterville’s General Store, Sam Drucker, for all 7 seasons of Petticoat Junction and all 6 seasons of Green Acres, Cady was also featured in two of George Pal’s classic feature films, WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE (1951) and 7 FACES OF DR. LAO (1964). In them he played John Hoyt’s long-abused, wheelchair pushing assistant and the Mayor of Abalone, respectively. As Sam Drucker, Cady holds the distinction of being the only actor to play the same character on THREE sitcoms at the same time from 1968 – 1969 (He also appeared on Beverly Hillbillies a few times when the Clampetts would visit Hooterville). He was also one of only three co-stars to be on Petticoat Junction for all seven seasons, the others being Edgar Buchanon (Uncle Joe) and Linda Henning (Betty Jo). His last acting role was none other than once more portraying Sam Drucker, in the TV movie, RETURN TO GREEN ACRES (1990).

Details on Mr. Cady’s death were not released.


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