Draconic Verses On the Air With The Cinementals!

Greetings Friends! Ye Olde Dragon, here.

This past Friday night, I had the distinct pleasure and honor of  participating in the latest podcast of The Cinementals. I was invited, along with Miguel Rodriguez – host of The Monster Island Resort Podcast, to talk about Toho effects films, especially the films being shown this coming Friday evening (6/15/12 starting at 8PM EDT) on TCM, when they honor Ishiro Honda with a Spotlight Night for his works. That night, they’ll be showing GOJIRA (1954) (original, Japanese version) , RODAN (1957), MOTHRA (1963) and THE H-MAN (1958).

I really had a lot of fun & want to thank Will (@WillMcKinley) & Kellee (@IrishJayhawk66) for having me on. I want to thank them as well, for two things that came to me during the recording session. First, I finalized my decision there & then to change my Twitter name BACK to @DraconicVerses.

The second? Well… that’s a topic for a (hopefully very near) future post. Let’s just say that it involves the Showa Era of Toho for now.

Here’s the link! Giant Monsters Attack TCM!

Make sure to check out the rest of The Cinementals’ website. They know more about movies than most people ever will!

Monster Island Resort Podcast




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