What’s In a Name?

Greetings my most excellent friends & Tweetniks.

‘Tis Ye Olde Dragon here, and I have a favor to ask of you. No it has NOTHING to do with money, so you can all keep reading.

I’ve noticed a drop off in correspondence on Twitter & it suddenly dawned on me that perhaps some folks missed the memo that I was changing my name from @DraconicVerses to @Movie_Dragon, in order to have more of a connection with my (then) new, second blog, The Movie Dragon’s Den.

It’s persisted for some time, and it only JUST struck me. So, earlier this evening, I tweeted a query if I should go back to using @DraconicVerses, and within 5 minutes, 4 out of 5 people said “YES, change it BACK!”

Just before I wrote this post, I was a guest on THE CINEMENTALS podcast and this was brought up, and I was told that they were ALSO of the opinion that I should change it back, with Kellee, aka @IrishJayhawk66, stating quite emphatically, that that was how everyone was introduced to me about this time last year (Actually it was EXACTLY a year ago today, that I joined in the fun with THEM!) during TCM’s Drive-In Double Features. I had left them telling them that I was going to put up  a poll, but I would more than likely go back to @DraconicVerses.

You know what?

I’m skipping the poll. As soon as this posts, I’m going to switch BACK to @DraconicVerses. I just hope Twitter will be cooperative. Keep your fingers crossed!


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