Dracomics – Young Justice Invasion Update

Well, THAT was quick. A few days ago, I posted about the new season of Young Justice (subtitled, Invasion) and how it had more questions than answers, after the first three episodes. Among these questions were:

1) Where was Kid Flash?
2) Where was Artemis?
3) What happened to The Guardian?
4) What happened to Red Arrow & the ‘real’ Roy Harper?

Well, one episode answered these questions (at least partially).


It starts out with a seedy-looking Red Arrow taking down a robber & keeping part of his spoils,while turning down a reward from the store’s owner. He’s confronted by Nightwing, Green Arrow, Black Canary, and 2 men in plain clothes, who we find are Wally (Kid Flash) West & Jim (The Guardian) Harper.

This comes off as an intervention, with Canary even SAYING, “You used to treat your body like a temple.” As long time DC readers know, Red Arrow was a recovering heroin addict. They don’t come out and SAY it, but the inference is there. We also learn that Cadmus had grabbed Speedy VERY early on, as Nightwing & Wally tell Red Arrow that they never knew  ‘the real’ Speedy, and that it had been Red Arrow they knew all that time.

We find out that Wally has retired from super-heroing (though we don’t know WHY) – again, this parallels the older comics, where Wally gives up being Kid Flash and a Titan, though the reason there was because his speed was killing him. We have yet to learn the reason here. As he returns home, we find that he’s living with Artemis -not sure if they’re married – though we don’t know how long they’ve been together. We have a hint that he might still have his powers, as Artemis’s Valentines gift for him is a fully stocked fridge. If Wally still has his powers his metabolism would need a lot of food.

Jim Harper said he gave up being The Guardian, so he could discover how to better find out more about Jim Harper – the original man he was cloned from. He tells Red Arrow that Speedy must be dead, because Cadmus was always under orders to ‘delete source material’.

The episode ended with a dejected Red Arrow literally stumbling into his dump of an apartment. Out of the shadows comes Cheshire, who tells him he needs to get it together. We find out that they’d gotten married, and then she shows him why she needs him to get it together – for their new born daughter, Lian. She then tells him that she called in every favor she could for one last chance to find Speedy, but that it is the last chance, as his obsession with it is what drove her away in the first place. This is a VERY nice throwback to the more recent comics, where Roy has been raising Lian for the last few years, until her tragic death during JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRY FOR JUSTICE. In the comics, though they were lovers, Roy & Jade were never married. Considering that it is a cartoon, on Saturday morning, it’s obvious they changed THAT issue, considering it involves a child. It makes me wonder about Wally & Artemis, if they’re married or not, especially considering that when she greets Wally, she’s only wearing an over sized sports jersey.

So there’s some answers for us. I just wasn’t expecting so many, so soon.

There were also a few developments. Blue Beetle revealed to Superboy, that his armor has an AI that speaks to him, and that it was created by Ted Kord, who Jaime says was the previous Beetle, and that The Light killed him. This is very different from the comic fact that the scarab is a sentient alien life form, unless they reveal that Kord was led to believe that he ‘created’ it. This week we are now ‘hearing’ the voice ourselves, and it keeps saying ‘incompatible’ when encountering Apokalyptian technology.

We also find out, via a quick history lesson from Superboy to Beetle, that the JLA was formed 12 years prior, when facing the Appellaxian Golems. This means that given that we have a span of 5 years between season 1 & 2, that the JLA was around for only 7 years, when ‘The Team’ had been formed. Interesting. I had a feeling, that being mentioned in the previous episode that we’d eventually see the return of the Golems. Again, I just didn’t think it was going to be so soon. It was when Blue Beetle was communicating with the ‘jigsaw golem’ that we see a blast comes from a blaster similar to Beetle’s, using the same kind of energy. Is this a member of the Reach? Or could it be the BLACK BEETLE from the TIME MASTERS: SEARCH FOR BRUCE WAYNE mini-series? Or, and this JUST occurred to me, could it be a ‘corrupted’ CYBORG? After all, we have NEVER seen Cyborg, Raven or Starfire on YJ. This was supposedly done purposely, so people wouldn’t mistake YJ for a weird continuation of Teen Titans, but we now have Beast Boy there. Considering how, in the New52, Cyborg is part of the JLA, you’d think they’d want him featured in some way. It would certainly be an interesting way of bringing him into YJ.

I LIKE that they used the ‘secret origin of the JLA’ story from the comics. They’re touching a LOT of notes from DC history and I REALLY like this. A lot of it is minutia that hits the knowledgeable fan square in the face. It’s what I liked so much about BATMAN: BRAVE & THE BOLD. I am continuing to really enjoy my time watching YOUNG JUSTICE.

Oh, I will NOT be updating this as frequently in the future, it’s just that so many of the questions raised in my last post were answered in this one episode. So unless something MAJOR happens, it should be a few weeks until I post again. In the meantime, let’s enjoy! If you want to talk about it, leave a comment! Thanks for reading!


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