@TCM Honors Ishiro Honda With His Own Spotlight Night

UPDATE – 6/12/12 – A source at TMC has told me that the Programming Dept. informed him that ALL FOUR films will be shown in their original Japanese language versions, as opposed to just GOJIRA (1954). This makes watching them an even bigger event, especially for those fans who’ve only seen the dubbed, American versions.

Honda on the set of Matango (1963) aka Attack of the Mushroom People

Turner Classic Movies is honoring famed Japanese director Ishiro Honda with his own ‘Spotlight Night’ on Friday, June 15, 2012.

To salute him, they’re airing four of his greatest Science-Fiction works, starting with (apparently) the ORIGINAL version of GOJIRA (1954) at 8:00PM EDT. Following will be RODAN (1957), MOTHRA (1963) and THE H-MAN (1958).

It’s certainly encouraging to see a tribute offered to him, from someone other then fan-based organizations. The time has more than passed for these films to only be seen as fodder for ridicule from narrow-minded Western reviewers.
Thank you TCM, once more, from THIS fan.


8:00 PM – GOJIRA (1954)
9:15 PM – RODAN (1957)
11:00 PM – MOTHRA (1962)
1:00 AM – THE H-MAN (1958)


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  1. I am planning to do a blog a day in June and because one of the posts is my 200th post I thouht I would do a celebration of Japanes Cinema (no particular reason apart from the fact that they are awesome) including film reviews, a history of TOHO and a list of the top 10 asian film directors.

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