Happy Birthday, Mechagodzilla (Mk 1) & King Seesar!

Wow. THIRTY EIGHT years ago today, the world was first introduced to the very first Mechagodzilla, as Toho released GOJIRA TAI MEKAGOJIRA (1974). It would be released thre years later in the US as GODZILLA VS THE BIONIC MONSTER (1977). That didn’t go over terribly well with Universal, because of their Six Million Dollar Man/ Bionic Woman franchise, so after threatened litigation, the title was changed to GODZILLA VS THE COSMIC MONSTER. Godzilla is impersonated by a robot controlled by aliens. the imposter takes out Angilas, but newcomer King Seesar jumps off the bench (quite literally) to help the Big G defend the planet and restore his good (?) name. Directed by Jun Fukuda.



  1. Mechagodzilla is my favorite G-Foe, especially in the later continuities when it became a Japanese defense weapon. (A much as I do enjoy a good alien invasion story, they have plenty of monsters.)

  2. This film is a good celebration piece for Ishiro Honda (his last film) because even though it has been about 20 years since 1954 his style of storytelling has not changed. He does not expect the audience to know about the ideas of the film previously. He is telling the film to both people who have seen a Godzilla film previously and to those people who may be seeing a Godzilla Film for the first time and it’s this kind of style wwhich appears to be present in all his Godzilla Films.

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