Happy Birthday, Jett Jaguar!

It was 39 years ago today, that Japanese audiences were introduced to the Robot Hero, Jett Jaguar, when he debuted in GOJIRA TAI MEGARO (1973) better known to US audiences as GODZILLA VS. MEGALON, which would be seen here (by myself, included) in 1976. Godzilla was now a full blown hero and he teamed with Jett Jaguar to fight the mutant insect Megalon – The Kingdom of Seatopia’s agent of destruction – and Gigan, back from Nebula Space Hunter M to try to even the score. As was the case in the past few films, ther was quite a bit of stock footage used: such as Ghidrah’s lightning – which they had Megalon also use, to save on effects – and Godzilla jumping into the ocean, a la the end of GODZILLA VS. THE SEA MONSTER (1966), only they flipped the image. It was still a lot of fun, with tons of explosions and empty monster suits being thrown around and suplexed.

When it showed up in the US, it was paired with SSS!, distributed by Cinema Shares, Int’l. I talked my Dad into taking me & it was the first Godzilla film I got to see on the big screen. Quite the difference from my 12″ B&W portable in my room. It was an 11 year old’s dream! Though we left after 20 minutes into SSS!, as my Dad thought it’d be too scary for me. Great memory for me.


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