Happy Birthday, GAMERA Vs. GYAOS (1967)

Forty five years ago today, saw the release of the third entry in Daiei’s Showa Era Gamera series, Daikaiju Kuchusen: Gamera Tai Gyaosu (Giant Monster Mid-Air Battle: Gamera Vs. Gaos) or, as it was released on TV in the US, RETURN OF THE GIANT MONSTERS. This AIP version is what so many monster fans grew up with. Years later, Producer/Distributor Sandy Frank released newly dubbed versions of the Gamera films which are the versions that aired as some of the most popular episodes of MST3K. Monstrous turtle Gamera battles the bloodthirsty (literally) flying monster, Gyaos. Gyaos had a sonic beam that worked like a slicing laser, almost slicing Gamera’s arm off. It certainly featured one of the most unique methods for trying to trap a Kaiju. CHeck it out for yourself!


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