End of an Era

It was bound to happen eventually.

All good things must come to an end.

The curtain has fallen.

Today, the Kingdom of DragonWynde website has officially come down. I began the site in November of 2002, little more than a month after the founding of the Kingdom. It has been offline twice, due to miscommunication between the isp and myself, but quickly rectified. It was due to my bank issuing new cards because of security problems, and the new cards failed to clear in time each time. This time, it’s not a matter of miscommunication. It simply comes down to A) The Kingdom of DragonWynde, as it was, is no more and B) there is no money to finance the renewal. And so, the era of the ‘Living Fantasy’ that was DragonWynde comes to an end.

For nearly a decade and more than a dozen iterations, as new technologies and styles came into favor, and I’d learn a new trick or two in webdesign, The site was there.  The truth is, since the Kingdom split up, I hadn’t touched the site at all, just waiting for the inevitability of extinction. But where there is death, there is life. At some point in the future, there WILL be a site once more, re-purposed for the task at hand – getting the novels of the setting written and unleashing the world which DragonWynde was a part of upon the public. I hope at that time, all those who stood by me all those years, will join me once more in the wonder of that mystical place.

I want to thank everyone who was ever a part of DragonWynde’s history, even those who left under ‘less than stellar’ situations. While you were there, there WERE good times AND good memories. I want everyone to remember them. Times that we stood tall among other groups, be it having the most programing at ICON of the Medieval track, or the feelings of triumph at our first Badon Hill, or even just the happy times sitting around a fire, quaffing mead and telling tales and singing songs.

For DragonWynde, For Ever.


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