Wednesday Mystery Picture Week 2 & Week 1 Solution

Greetings, culture lovers.

Well, I can’t help but feel a little disappointed in the poor turnout for the contest. I didn’t get any submissions (let alone page hits) until the last 48 hours of Week 1. Maybe folks didn’t see it posted enough, or thought it was too hard, I don’t know. So here’s what I’ll do:

I’ll call last week a test run and start fresh THIS week. This is also because out of the 3 submissions, I got no correct guesses, and the main goal is to be the first to get ALL 10. If we get NO right guesses again, then it will strictly be down to who scores the most points (Correct guesses) over the 10 following weeks. Remember that there will be multi-part puzzles for multiple points as well. There may even be bonus points along the way.

OK? Ready to try again? First off, here’s the solution to LAST week’s inaugural puzzle.

This is a still photo of a face that only a mother could love. This and a LOT of the forthcoming shots were scanned from the pages of VERY old Famous Monsters of Filmland. And now, THIS week’s entry:

Pretty simple, no? Just guess the name of the film this shot is from. Remember to send it as a DIRECT MESSAGE to my Twitter account, @DraconicVerses and NOT in the comment section.

Good luck!

Once more, here’s how it works:

1) There will be ONE (1) picture/puzzle each week.

2) The pictures will ONLY be from live-action movies of the horror, fantasy or science-fiction genres. There will be NO TV shows or animated films.

3) The format might also change each week. Sometimes it’ll be identifying a character by a feature or body part. Sometimes it will be identifying a movie by the scene partially shown. Sometimes a silhouette. Other times, you’ll have to name the ACTOR/ACTRESS, portraying a part.

4) Particularly TOUGH puzzles will have TWO (2) parts and will be worth TWO (2) points (which will CERTAINLY aid in breaking ties). For example, you’ll not only have to name the actor, but the film as well. OR the actor and their character. OR the character and the movie. These questions are all or nothing. So let’s say that you correctly guess Boris Karloff (for example ONLY), but without naming the movie, or guess the incorrect movie, it’s completely wrong.

Here’s how you play:

1) PLEASE DO NOT post any answers in the comments section. It’s a contest, remember. Do you really want to give someone else help?

2) DM me on Twitter (IF I follow you, of course) with the answer & I’ll let you know if you are right or wrong. If you can’t DM me, tweet me @DraconicVerses & let me know you want to answer & I’ll follow you so that you can DM me. Just make sure to follow me back, or else I can’t reply. Make sure to include the puzzle # in the message. Multi-part messages are permitted.

3) Answers must be DM’d no later than 11:59PM EST the following Tuesday night.

4) The FIRST person to correctly guess ALL TEN mystery pictures will win.

5) In the event that NOBODY correctly guesses all ten pictures, the person who has guessed the MOST correct answers will win. In the event of  tie scores, there will be one (1) extra puzzle per competitor involved for all to solve. I.E., if there are three (3) people with the same score, there will be three (3) bonus puzzles to solve. The first person to correctly solve ALL bonus puzzles will win.

Oh, the prize?

If you have a blog (and I know that quite a number of you that read DV have one), I will design a header for a feature/column on your blog, along the lines of the ones I made for my own SIRKI’S SUMMONS & IMAGI-MOVIE features. In the event that you do not have different features/columns on your blog, I will design a static (non-animated) header for your blog, if your blog template provides that option to you (I’ll need the exact dimensions allowed), or I’ll make a illustration that you can use as a featured  image on your blog’s home page.


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