Sirki’s Summons: January 21: A Producer of Myths and Monsters

Welcome to the first Summons of 2012. First off, a new header. Please let me know if you like the new one, or prefer the old logo. Thanks.

Greetings from beyond the veil. It was just 3 years ago on this date in 2009, that Prince Sirki summoned a man who saw the genius inherent in Ray Harryhausen, and entered into a partnership with him that saw the creation of monsters from mythology, to the moon and back again to earth. Beginning with IT CAME FROM BENEATH THE SEA (1955) and ending with CLASH OF THE TITANS (1981), Harryhausen and Charles H. Schneer made 13 films within the realms of Science-Fiction, Fantasy and Mythology. We have Mr. Schneer to thank, as much as Mr. Haryhausen for great, diverse films like JASON & THE ARGONAUTS (1963), FIRST MEN IN THE MOON (1964) and VALLEY OF GWANGI (1969).

Ray Harryhausen (l) & Charles H. Schneer (r) circa 1977, around the release time of SINBAD & THE EYE OF THE TIGER


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