New Year, New Beginnings

Happy 2012, folks. Between being sick, working on my novel and preparing 2 or 3 new reviews, I’ve been unable to do some updating. First up, the new header for the month. The inspiration for it was last week, with all the posts and tweets about SOPA, I kept thinking “SAMPO” which most fans of MST3K will recognize from DAY THE EARTH FROZE.  Here on Long Island, we’re getting out first ‘serious’ snowfall so it seemed even more appropriate. I almost did a Swamp Thing header, using the catch-phrase, ‘Do not bring your evil HERE.’ and have him holding an anti-SOPA sign, but the relevance of time soon ran out. I may still do it anyway, if SOPA becomes a ‘real’ enough threat once more. Another new addition is the new header for SIRKI’S SUMMONS, as seen in the post just previous to this one. Next up will be my Movie Picks and Imagi-Movies for February. I do apologize once more for missing January. I’ll do my best to keep running it regularly. Also, please remember to check out my book’s blog at Chronicles of DragonWynter from time to time for updates. I’ll be unveiling some art for a new race that will be appearing in the books within the next day or so.

So once more, Happy New Year. I hope it will be a good one for you all.


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