My Kaiju Wish List For 2012

Hello, culture lovers.

I was discussing with some Twitter -Friends (my Tweetniks) about what Godzilla films we’re STILL awaiting release of. IT started with talking about the delay of GODZILLA VS. MEGALON. As a lot of you know (and I can tell that from the amount of HITS that post gets), we’re waiting for Toho to get off their asses & approve Media Blasters’ release, which was due to be released a few short weeks ago, but is now indefinitely on the shelf due to the waiting game.

As a major Kaiju fan (Duh!) it occurred to me that there seem to be quite a few to see the light of day, for one reason or another. Most are probably legality of one form or another, but what about the rest?

So what do I want? Well, for example:

(Keep in mind, I’m talking about region 1 releases that include BOTH versions )

The “Where The Hell ARE They” Department:

GODZILLA 1985 aka Godzilla Returns, aka Gojira (1984) What’s the holdup? You’d think with all the product placement, Dr. Pepper would LIKE this to come out again. Seriously – there were Dr Pepper soda machines in the US Defense HQ as well as some of the soldiers slugging down cans while delivering their lines!

GODZILLA VS BIOLLANTE – C’MON! Been waiting for a decent region 1 release of this for YEARS! Hell, I had to tape it off HBO 20 years ago, because the VHS was so expensive.

The “When Hell Freezes Over” Department:

KING KONG VS GODZILLA & KING KONG ESCAPES – Let’s face it – this would take Universal, Toho AND Sony to all get on the same (legal) page at once. Yes, I KNOW we had DVD releases from Universal of the US versions of these within the past 4-5 years, but we NEED the Japanese versions too.

The “Let’s Do It Again” Department:


Ok, I know Sony released these five or six years ago, but they’re currently out of print. Aside from that they , for the most part, featured the ‘International Dubbing’ that Toho utilized, as opposed to the tracks that were made for the US releases. I have to admit that I’ve been horribly spoiled by the Sony/Classic Media releases of the Showa Era films. Even the Columbia Triple Feature I reviewed had nice prints, in BOTH versions. So there should be no excuses for why these are not currently out, and in a decent release like the Toho Classics Series

Media Blasters /Tokyo Shock is in this department for me as well. While it’s true that Media Blasters’ DESTROY ALL MONSTERS was completely off the charts (and I LIKED their release of FRANKENSTEIN CONQUERS THE WORLD), their previous releases were not completely satisfying. Maybe it’s being spoiled, and maybe a tad greedy, but hey, what ELSE are wish lists for? I for one would love to see them go back and add in the original US Release dubs – as opposed to the aforementioned ‘International Dubs’ and ‘in-house’ dubs – to ATRAGON, THE MYSTERIANS and YOG – MONSTER FROM SPACE aka SPACE AMOEBA. The reason I don’t include BARAN in this lineup, is because I’d MUCH rather see the original Japanese version than the horridly butchered American release.

To be fair, I’ve only READ about the details on ATRAGON and YOG, whereas I OWN a copy of MYSTERIANS, but I wouldn’t mind getting copies sent to me for review and a FAIR judging. (BLATANT hint, M.B.!)


The other Toho films I’d love to see, though they’re NOT Kaiju, are INVISIBLE AVENGER (Tomei Ningen), THE HUMAN VAPOR (Gasu Ningen Dai Ichigo), SECRET OF THE TELEGIAN (Denso Ningen) and GORATH (Yosei Gorasu). At the moment NONE of these are available on region 1 DVD, in ANY iteration.

I’d also like to be able to check out the SHOUT! Factory releases of the GAMERA films, as I’ve only been able to read about them. From what I read, it’s just the Japanese release. I guess that’s ok, as I have the AIP releases on the ‘cheaper side’ that was released by Image Entertainment a few years back.

As for the Heisei Era Godzilla films, the only ones I WANT to see full version coverage of are the two I mentioned. The REST of the series, IMHO, had horrible English dubs, and I JUST want to see a nice region 1 release for the Japanese versions of them. I feel the same way about the Millenium series.

So those are my picks. How close are they to YOURS?



  1. See, I’m of the opinion that the sixtieth anniversary is only two years away, and its high time we had high quality releases of all twenty-eight films, in multiple languages, with multiple tracks, and as many extras as we can reasonably cram in there. As far as I’m concerned, it’s past time. The fiftieth anniversary celebrations were a perfect time to roll something like that out, and all the relevant parties involved squandered it.

    To make matters worse, it’s their own damn fault for not knowing what they have on their hands. Godzilla’s been in more movies than James Bond and Superman combined. With the right ads, this thing would fly off the shelves. But no. They have to tie themselves up in knots over rights negotiations until the golden opportunities pass them by.

    Alright, my Urge to Rant is sated. Needless to say, I agree with everything you said. I’d especially appreciate the ability to buy a decent copy of “vs. Biollante,” a personal nostalgic touchstone of mine, but since even that seems beyond us, I thought I might as well aim for the sky.

  2. That’s the core of the problem – the varied holders of distribution rights for key titles. I figure that if Sony WERE to release a Japanese-only version of KKE & KKVG, Universal would be able to sue the pants off of them. In Japan, for the 50th Anniversary, Toho released that set of all 28 DVDs w/ the ’54 Gojira bust. We got bupkis. So I think non-Japanese fans deserve something this time around for our decades of support and love for the Big G.

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