Media Blasters / Tokyo Shock release of Godzilla Vs. Megalon Delayed


Addendum – With all the traffic this post has seen, I want to make it CLEAR that I’ve said the ball is in Toho’s court, & that Media Blasters is waiting for approval as eagerly as WE are.

I first noticed it earlier tonight (12/11/11) when I found that Amazon had REMOVED the street date for the long-awaited, eagerly anticipated DVD/Blu-Ray release of GODZILLA VS. MEGALON from the folks at Mediablasters / Tokyo Shock.  (The same folks who just released DESTROY ALL MONSTERS). I did a little digging around, and found different theories and answers on various Kaiju Forums, but then found mention of MB’s FB page. I didn’t even know they HAD one.

Here are the three relevant posts from that page –

Nov. 10, 2011
UPDATE: GODZILLA vs. MEGALON, the DVD was completed some time ago and has been out for duplication. As for the blu ray we were not happy with the audio for the english dub. We have now checked several different sources including striking a new print. We will keep you all updated. We really want the release to be the best it can be.

Nov. 22, 2011
UPDATE: GvM, Just so everyone knows the masters are sitting for DVD and Blu Ray but at this point the can not ship as we are waiting for Toho approvals. Given this we can not make street date. We will update all once Toho gives us approval or further changes.

Dec. 3, 2011
Updates are not always fun but need to get done. We are still waiting on Toho approvals. As we get more info I will update you all.


So there you have it, G-Fans. We play the waiting game once more. Apparently, the ball is totally in Toho’s court.


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