Remembering Forry – A Proposal

Today is the third anniversary of the passing of Forrest J. Ackerman, Creator/Publisher of the original Famous Monsters of FIlmland. He coined the term Sci-Fi and the term “Imagi-Movies” (which I continue to use to preserve some aspect of his memory), and amassed a huge collection of books, posters, models, masks and props from those movies. He housed the collection in his huge house, which became known as ‘The Ackermansion“, a veritable museum which a few lucky fans were able to tour over the years. He ultimately wanted to create a permanent museum so fans could come from all over and see the treasures of Imagi-Movies preserved for all time. Sadly, this dream never came to fruition, as he grew gravely ill. A few years before his passing, he closed up the fabled “Ackermansion” and sold off a large portion of his collection in auctions. In all honesty, I’m not sure of what became of the portion he still had after he ‘d passed, but hopefully someone out there knows.

This brings me to my proposal. Earlier today, someone tweeted to me “So sad his museum never came to be.” I completely agree. Then I got an idea.

I want to recreate the collection and put it into a museum, albeit in a virtual way. Being unemployed and broke, I obviously have no way to collect it otherwise, and I have zero resources other than my own creativity. I can, in no way, do this on my own. I am asking you folks who visit the blog to help me out. If you, or anyone you know may have purchased something from Forry’s collection over the years, or can help me track them down, PLEASE let me know. I’m not asking people to part with their treasures, but instead to send me a picture of them. I will of course credit both the owner and the contact with each ‘display’. When and if I amass enough, I will attempt to find a site or sponsor that will donate the web space. This is by no means a money-making endeavor.

I’d like to go beyond JUST his collection, though. I’d like to add other collections to it as well. If you or someone you know have an honest to goodness piece of Imagi-Movie history send me a few pictures of your treasure. I’d like to think that Forry wouldn’t want his museum to be JUST for his collection, but for any and all memorabilia of the movies he loved, so I can’t do any less.

This is strictly a labor of love. I was never fortunate enough to have met, or even corresponded with, Forry. I read FM when I was a kid and through that he helped me connect with these movies I love so much to this day. If I can do anything to contribute to his legacy being preserved, I have to at least try.

So once more I implore you – Help me realize Forry’s dream to have an Imagi-Movie Museum. Contact me through the blog, on Twitter at @DraconicVerses or my email at, username jrphoel (I’m trying to avoid spam bots) with the subject “Virtual Ackermansion”. Thanks for your attention and consideration.


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