A Different Kind of Sirki’s Summons Column – November 12

No graphic.

No clever remarks.

Ordinarily, I do a Sirki’s Summons column with the big header and some banter about Prince Sirki for someone who has been gone either a long time, or a long time face connected to Science-Fiction, Fantasy or Horror. Up until now, they’ve been ‘elder states-people’ to put it politely. But when it’s someone who passed away at a young age, it seems different somehow. Especially when it’s within a decade. The other thing to consider is that this person seemingly decided for himself when his time came. But I still want them to be acknowledged and remembered. Please give me your opinion on it, and on the Sirki’s Summons column in general.

The person I’m speaking of is Jonathan Brandis. At the age of 14, he played young Bill (the adult Bill was played by Richard Thomas), who faced off against Pennywise the Clown in Stephen King’s IT (1990). He then played Bastion in THE NEVERENDING STORY PART 2 (1990), but he was best known for playing boy genius Lucas Wolencszak in TV’s SEAQUEST DSV (1993-1996).

Eight years ago today, Jonathan Brandis died, seemingly by his own hand, at the age of 27. Some will say a stereotypical ending for another child star. Some will say fame took its toll, that some can’t handle it. Either way, it’s sad that someone so young with so much obviously ahead of him passes, no matter the circumstances.  Remember and enjoy his work. I think I’ll watch some SEAQUEST tonight.



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