My Digs

As some of you know, I recently went thru  the ‘fun’ of shifting things (and entire rooms) in my house. Some of you have expressed curiosity as to how I set things up, so here’s some pics from my room (which will be used as an office/art room when my master bedroom is finished getting refurbished), showing some of my eclectic tastes.

First up are a small batch of my Godzilla collection. Here you see the Horizon Models Godzilla 24″ vinyl figure (1992), a Bandai 1993 Bio-Goji, a plush SD Godzilla (You can’t see his electric guitar) from Banpresto, part of a SD Goji rock band (1993), a Bandai DX Mothra (1996) that crawls. The little figs are a 1954 Godzilla & Minira (Minyah) from a 2002 box set from Bandai America.

Here’s the shelf immediately under the Godzilla display. The top shelf of this unit is my LOTR movie collection. The Symphony & the Weta Gollum collectible DVD are on the next shelf down.

And here’s PART of my LOTR collection. I only have limited space in here for now, so I brought in what I deemed essential to help inspire my writing & art. The Argonath & Minas Tirith are from the Extended Limited Collector sets. I also have the Smeagol Statue that came with The Two Towers, on a night table. That’s also where my LOTR paperback is. The books here are pretty much all connected to the movies. The One Ring hanging down is on one of those neat bookmarks. As I said,  this is only part of my collection. I have no place to put my near-complete LOTR action figure set at the moment. My Chess Set, Risk , Monopoly & Trivial Pursuit games are in a closet. My light FX Sting is mounted on its stand on my TV. Hey, I’m a LOTR Geek & PROUD of it.

Here’s Mr. & Mrs. Frankenstein, a little further down from the LOTR gang. (Hiding out in the back is Tetsujin 28, aka GIGANTOR) These are 2 Sideshow Collectible Universal Monster collection figures, circa 2000. Sadly, they’re my only Universal figures from that series.

I’ll post some more pics over the next few weeks.



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