As Political As I’m Gonna Get

I am NOT very politically motivated. I try to keep my views to myself. That being said, I can certainly see humorous moments in political movements or political individuals. I DO occasionally make quips, where someone does something BLATANTLY unbelievable, such as NJ Governor Christie using a state plane to attend his son’s softball game – A shameful waste of resources, much like the oft joked (on MST3K) John Sununu doing similar errands with federal resources. One example is in the MST3K Movie, when Dr. Meachum is flying his jet in THIS ISLAND EARTH, Tom Servo quips, “John Sununu goes for a haircut!” So I get about as political as the robots do, for those who don’t know me that well. I quipped something a few weeks back on Twitter, when Christie announced he wouldn’t be running for President. I said, “Christie’s REAL reason for not running? The bathroom on Airforce 1 isn’t as NICE as the ones on the rental planes he takes to his son’s games.”

So with the constant inundation of #OWS & Occupy here & there over on Twitter, I wondered, how to represent what it might look like if the GEEK Communtiy protested? I came up with this:


Just remember, I did this first. Any teeshirts that come out I expect a cut! Image/concept ©2011 JRPhoel. There. It’s official.



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