New Feature: The Dragon Asks…

Trying out another new feature of my upcoming project. Every so often, I’ll be asking questions of various fanbases to see what others might be thinking, or what they like, hopefully to get some discussion going. Maybe find a unifying item to make an advance of some sort within the fanbase. Maybe getting an organized effort to being a film or TV show put out on home video or maybe helping make a company aware of lacking certain representation in merchandising. I mean, How about looking into an AMERICAN model company to release some Toho kits. What would fans like most? What would SELL the most (which would interest the company) What character deserves a comic? Which deserves an action figure that has never had one before? Example – How many Flash action figures are there? How many of Blue Beetle? How many of Question? See what I mean? So let’s have some fun, and PLEASE answer when..


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