Mock-Up For Criterion Gojira – Personal Challenge

So apparently, from all indications, Criterion is getting set to release a Criterion Collection treatment of Ishiro Honda’s Gojira (1954).

I must admit, I’ve been chomping at the bit to try my hand at the ‘Avant Garde’ style of Criterion. They always seem to try to go for a non-traditional look, or for a style that might not necessarily be connected with the film in question. I noticed that in the case of foreign films, they seem to head in the direction of a cultural tie-in.

Almost immediately, I had this picture in my head – Godzilla’s footprint with a mushroom cloud within it. Very symbolic, and somewhat referential to the film, as his inherent radiation is first discovered IN his footprint on Odo Island.
My inspiration for the faded aqua and the orange color scheme is based on a number of manga books I own, which have a similar color scheme, hidden beneath a full color jacket. There’s my cultural connection. This is the front and spine. I’ll post the full cover design sometime over the next day or so. Please leave some feedback. I put a lot of heart into this one.

To be clear – I do NOT claim to work for Criterion, this is NOT official, just a personal challenge for myself. All rights are reserved by their various owners, but the design concept is ALL mine.


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