August 15, 1963 – Special effects wizard Ray Harryhausen and his co-producer Charles Schneer released what would come to be known as a masterpiece – JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS.
Since its release nearly 50 years ago, this film has been the inspiration for many of today’s film makers from John Landis to Peter Jackson. I chose the French one sheet, because frankly, I feel it surpasses the US release poster. Even today, with all the flashy CGI effects, this classic holds up. If you have never seen this, SHAME ON YOU. You have no idea what you’ve been missing. Harryhausen has said, that this film has been used in schools as an introduction to mythology. I can attest to this, personally, as we watched this in my 8th grade English class over 2 or 3 days.

On the broadcast that Ray Harryhausen received his lifetime achievement Academy Award, host Tom Hanks stated, “To some, Citizen Kane is the greatest film ever made. Others say Ben Hur. Me? Jason & the Argonauts.”


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