Happy 45th, DAI MAJIN! Happy 44th YONGARY!

This year is the 45th Anniversary of all 3 DAI MAJIN films.

Today specifically marks the anniversary of the second film, DAI MAJIN IKARU, aka Return of Giant Majin. For some reason, it’s not connected to the previous film at all, as the third is not connected to THIS one. Only connection is the Giant Stone Swordsman that comes to life to vanquish the evil threatening to crush the villagers who worship the spirits of the mountains that possess each statue.



Next up is TAEKOESU YONGGARY, aka Yongary, Monster From the Deep. Made in Korea, and never released theatrically in the US (as far as I could find), this one is probably most remembered for showings during “Monster Weeks” on local network affiliates early afternoon movie shows during the 70’s.


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