If you follow me on Twitter, PLEASE read this

Noticed I lost a few followers, and it seemed to occur after I retweeted certain posts aimed at winning certain products. I have no idea who they might’ve been, except for one who headed a PR firm in NYC – why they even followed, I have no idea. I’m not famous, and it’s unlikely I ever will be.

But I digress.

I’m letting you know in advance that there WILL be more retweet contest entries. Be it for box sets of LOTR (valued at upwards of $75), or for a neat custom flash drive or for a video game. The reason is simple – I CAN’T AFFORD TO BUY THEM. They also might not be for me. I try to win things for my brother & my Mom as well, because I CAN’T AFFORD TO BUY THINGS FOR THEM.

If you require an apology for my taking up your timeline, then I’m sorry. Sorry you can’t deal with it. If you don’t require one, I appreciate it, and thank you. I’ve ‘met’ quite a few nice folks on Twitter, especially the last few weeks at #TMCDriveIn. Thanks for all the fun AND the support that several of you have shown me. You folks help me stay sane.

Thanks for letting me vent. We will now return to ‘happier’ topics.

I hope.



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