I LOVE Warner Archive!!! Not only do they have great classic genre movies offered, but they also have great TV shows for sale. Now they’re opening up the vaults that have the Hanna-Barbera Superhero shows of the late 60’s!

It looks like the Made-On-Demand format is working great! After low sales on the widely-released SPACE GHOST & DINO BOY and BIRDMAN & THE GALAXY TRIO, the chances looked rather gloomy for the release of the remaining titles that once made up Hanna-Barbera’s “Funtastic World of Super-Adventure“. The format of the Warner Archive seems like the ideal solution!

If I were able to, I would’ve done a backflip when I heard they were coming out with FRANKENSTEIN, JR. & THE IMPOSSIBLES! When I was a kid, this was one of my favorites. I’d dare to say it was my favorite HB hero toon. It didn’t matter that this one was more ‘cartoony’ than the others. I loved it. But then I also loved GIGANTOR, which I now must admit may have ummm… ‘influenced’ Ole Frankie.

More recently, they just released the long demanded THE HERCULOIDS, and I mean the ORIGINAL series, not that so-so entry in the Space-Stars collection.

I almost forgot – they recently released YOUNG SAMSON (and the space-kidettes) as well.

Both are on my wishlist, and I’m hoping for a ‘super’ birthday and/or Xmas!

So what’s left? Well there’s a few left to go as far as the “Super Adventure” crowd goes:

Moby Dick & Mighty Mightor: The Great White Whale fights undersea evil in the future, while the super-powered caveman battles prehistoric foes in the past. I think a Mightor mask would’ve been a great toy back then!

Shazaan!: The giant Genie and his ‘tiny masters’ actually had a show to themselves, like Young Samson did (The Space Kidettes were added to his show  in syndication), while everyone else was paired off.

Fantastic Four: Which was FAR better than any FF cartoons made since. These were very close adaptations of the comics, barring any characters H-B didn’t have the rights to (such as the Sub-Mariner, who was ‘altered’ into ‘Prince Triton’). The only difference between the other entries and this, is that FF was on ABC, and the rest were on CBS. This is probably the least likely show to get released, as it’s just about the only Marvel property that Disney doesn’t currently own. Time-Warner actually still owns the rights to the show, but who knows if there’s any snags.

There are some series, or portions of other shows, that are similar, but I’m fairly certain were not part of the syndicated “Super Adventure” block.

These would be:

Adventures of Gulliver: A teen-aged version of Gulliver’s Travels, which was it’s own series when it premiered on ABC in 1968. It was part of The Banana Splits & Friends show in syndication.

The Arabian Knights & The Three Musketeers: These were of course featured on the first season of The Banana Splits Adventure Hour, with 18 episodes each. The Knights actually had an origin story of their banding together which was rare in the adventure shows. I believe only Shazaan! had an origin tale of the kids getting trapped in the magic world. As a bonus, they could include MICRO-VENTURES, of which only 4 episodes were made. Heck, while they’re at it, why not release a set of DANGER ISLAND, the live action serial co-feature, starring young Jan Michael Vincent, and directed – believe it or not – by RICHARD DONNER!

So thanks for what’s been released so far, Warner Archive! KEEP THEM COMING!!!!




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