REMINDER FOR @TCM Drive-In Double Features!

That time of the week again! Tonight, be sure to catch some great, classic (and not so classic) Sci-Fi films on TCM! This week’s helping centers more on ‘human’ monsters, of the mutated or alien varieties.

Thurs. June 16

Giant People
Attack of The 50 Foot Woman (1958)
Village of The Giants
Ladies of Sci-Fi
Queen of Outer Space
Mars Needs Women
Mutant Men
The Cyclops (1957)
The Manster

We start out with the classic ATTACK OF THE 50 FOOT WOMAN, starring one of the contenders for First Lady of Grade B Sc-Fi/Horror, Allison Hayes, and VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS, a VERY watered down ‘adaptation’ of H.G. Wells’ Food of the Gods. Tommy Kirk leads a bunch of teens against giant teen hoodlums bent on taking over the town.

Next up, we see how horny aliens get, from BOTH sides of the Battle of the Sexes – QUEEN OF OUTER SPACE has macho astronauts travel to a planet ruled by strong, powerful women who are used to dominating their men, where MARS NEEDS WOMEN*, has the Martians coming to Earth to get lucky, as their home-grown females are no longer able to have anything but male babies.

We finish up with THE CYCLOPS, a film virtually identical to THE AMAZING COLOSSAL MAN, and the MANSTER, a neat variation on Jekyll & Hyde, which was produced in Japan, with the assistance of Toho.

All in all, a diverse evening!

Next week: Monster Movies for the Sea-Food Lover In You!



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