Shameful Pandering?

I must confess to jealousy.

I’m jealous of the folks who tweet about their blogs where they give reviews of new games, the latest video releases (esp. classic films or TV shows), new comics and even toys and collectibles.

Why am I jealous? Because I’d love to be able to do that as well. Well, there are exceptions. I can’t fairly review new comics, as they wouldn’t be timely. I currently can only read them when friends are able to lend them to me to read, days or weeks after they come out. I have no ‘next level’ game system to play new games on, and I won’t be getting one anytime soon, despite tweeting my fingers numb all week, trying to win one from G4 during their E3 coverage.

As folks who’ve taken the time to read my ‘about the author’ page will know, I’m currently a (99%) out of work graphic artist. As most do NOT know, I also have an as yet undiagnosed heart condition (just got medicaid, so I’m now waiting for my appointment with a cardiologist) which is limiting me. Obviously, it’s because of this that I can’t buy any of the things that are reviewed, so I can review them, but it’s not simply that of what I’m jealous of.

I’ve discovered that some of these items are simply SENT to the reviewers, apparently, gratis from the companies.

Thereby hangs my envy.

HOW do they get it?

Is there a criteria?

Free time? I have nothing BUT a lot of time on my hands that can be used checking out items of interest. For example, there are EASILY 25-30 DVD’s released by Warner Archives I’d love to review. Not just the movies (or shows) themselves, but the packaging, menu, extras and so on. I’m an artist/designer and VERY particular. I’ll set up a page later showing my (unofficial) redesign of Good Times’  -cough- ‘design’ of King Kong Vs. Godzilla.

Internet savvy? I’m on Twitter, Facebook as well as my blog here, PLUS I do web design, so I could set up unique pages for each section as warranted.

Followers/Traffic? Give it a chance. as there’s more things to talk about, traffic will pick up. I’m always happy to cross-post, and even advertise.

So how do I start? Send a resume? A ‘formal’ request? Out and out pandering, a la “If you send me free stuff I’ll review it and blog it all over!”?

I got it! A sign saying “WILL BLOG FOR SWAG!”

Any ideas?




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