More MONSTERS on @TCM Tonite!

Get your swatters & sprays ready! Tonight’s selection on TCM’s Drive-In Double Feature Thursday is 99% BUGGY!!

All but one entree is insects and/or arachnids. The sole non-bug offering though, is a delight – the ORIGINAL “Golden Turkey”, THE GIANT CLAW. Tune in from 8PM EDT to appx. 6AM EDT for the fun, as follows:

The Cosmic Monsters
The Black Scorpion
The Giant Claw
The Wasp Woman (1959)

A few tidbits –

  • THEM! stars James Arness, who passed away last week.
  • In TARANTULA, keep a sharp eye on the fighter pilot who attacks the over-sized creepy crawler towards the end. He might look very familiar.
  • Feel sorry for Jeff Morrow & Mara Corday. They probably had no idea what the bird would REALLY end up looking like, as the producers ran out of money, so their serious acting seems more over-the-top than it really is.
  • There is NO such scene in THE WASP WOMAN as depicted on the poster.

I’ll be back with a more in-depth look at one of tonight’s films later on.



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