Loss of an Icon

OOOOOOHHH YEAH!!!!! –cue Pomp & Circumstance–


Macho Man Randy Savage is gone.

I think this is the biggest wrestling passing since Andre the Giant. NO disrespect to those who’ve passed between them, but this was an ICON whose fame went BEYOND wrestling, as Andre’s did. Testament?  Twitter is ablaze with Slim Jim trending.  Who DOESN’T think Macho Man when they see a Slim Jim? SNAP INTO IT!! Slim Jims Commercials are racking up views on Youtube. So many know the graduation theme, Pomp & Circumstance BECAUSE it was his entry theme.

Even more telling? His death made the crawl on ESPN, as a HEADER. Usually you see “YANKEES” or “TIGER” as a header. There it was: “MACHO MAN”. Just now, on Around the Horn, they opened with “This one’s for the Macho Man!”

Undoubtedly he had one of the most recognized voices of all time . Remember Rasslor, from the Dial M for Monkey part of Dexter’s Laboratory? Or Sasquatch on The X’s? He even showed up as Space Ghost’s Dad, Leonard Ghostal on Space Ghost – Coast to Coast.

Macho Man was a LEGEND. Plain and simple.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Poffo. Heaven just got a lot more Macho.



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