The End Is the Beginning…

  Along with Brightest Day, Justice League: Generation Lost ended today. JLGL came about out of Blackest Night as did BD, directly resulting from the resurrection of Max Lord and his plans of his revenge. To sum the series up, Max used his mind control powers on a global scale to make everyone forget him and unable to perceive him or any record of him. Everyone did indeed forget, except for four members of the old Justice League International – Booster Gold, Captain Atom, Fire & Ice and they set out – along with the new Blue Beetle and a new Rocket Red – to stop him. The problem is, none of their friends remember Max and think the JLI have gone mad, even to the point of believing that Captain Atom murdered Magog along with hundreds in Chicago. Along the way they’re joined by Power Girl who regains her memory, and the one hero who was absent during the amnesia wave due to being trapped in a time loop – Batman (Bruce Wayne). Together they intercept Max’s target of revenge – Wonder Woman as she’s attacked by re-charged OMACs. I’ll leave it to you to finish it up, save for this : the last blurb on the last page says, “To be continued…in the new monthly series, coming soon!” So there you go..



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